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1511, 2017

Filterall move forward with Shell and SD Myers

Filterall are proud to announce that they continue to work with Shell and SD Myers. In November 2017 Filterall brought the experts from their training partners SD Myers ( www.sdmyers.com ) to the UK , to deliver the 3rd training course to Shell in 4 years. Shell continue to lead the way in the energy sector. See link below http://www.shell.com/business-customers/lubricants-for-business/shell-diala-electrical-oils.html Shell provided the course to support the development of staff at key clients in the energy sector. The training course was tailored to [...]

1509, 2016

Wet environment and having transformers in remote locations

Many Filterall clients are faced with the dual challenge of operating in a wet environment and having transformers in remote locations. Filterall have the solution. Our oil filtration and de-hydration systems are tailor made, to meet client needs. Remote locations often require smaller, but sturdy mobile units. One such unit was recently delivered to Manx Utilities in the beautiful but very wet Isle Of Man. This unit was built on a roadworthy chassis, in a weatherproof body. This should ensure the Manx Utilities [...]

1912, 2015


Filterall are pleased to confirm their continued work with S.D.Myers and Shell UK. At the end of 2015 Filterall , in conjunction with S.D.Myers, provided a group of Shell clients with a training course covering Transformer Maintenance. The course was tailored specifically to the need of UK power sector engineers, and included a tour of the University of Manchester, Electrical Energy and Power Systems Group.

801, 2015

Filterall delivers Transformer Oil Regeneration unit to The University of Manchester

Filterall are pleased to announce the recent delivery of a Filterall Transformer Oil Regeneration unit to The University of Manchester. The University ’s prestigious Electrical Energy and Power Systems Group. This unit was specifically designed to work with a Filterall Transformer Oil Purifier, which has been on site at The University of Manchester since 2007. The 2 units will be used together to assist studies and research on transformers and transformer oil.

601, 2015

Filterall began life as a sales unit of General Electric

DID YOU KNOW ? Many of Filterall’s younger clients are surprised to learn that Filterall began life as a sales unit of General Electric. Founder and former Managing Director of Filterall, Trevor Bowler takes up the story “I was a director at General Electric’s factory in Johannesburg, South Africa in the 1980’s. When my family moved back to the UK, we thought there was an opportunity to market and sell the General Electric electrical oil technology in the UK, and Filterall was created [...]

2001, 2014

FILTERALL and SD Myers deliver Transformer training to Shell UK

Everybody working in the power sector understands how expensive and critical transformers are. When Shell UK was ready to launch its new range of electrical transformer oils ( http://www.powertransformernews.com/long/?back=14&pos=308&start=0 ) they wanted to arrange some training for staff and clients relating to transformer maintenance. As part of its range of services Filterall offers various bespoke training packages to the power sector. “Having established Shell’s needs, it was decided that the best training available was the Principles of Transformer Maintenance course from SD Myers [...]

1909, 2013


It is obvious from the the ‘blue chip’ client list, built up over decades, that Filterall must be a high quality business. Filterall have always taken matters of Quality and Quality Assurance seriously, and have passed numerous client audits over the years. In 2013 one of the objectives for Filterall from its board of directors, was to seek accreditation of its QA system to ISO 9001 : 2008 (the prestigious international quality standard.) In search of the award, Filterall applied to be audited [...]

605, 2013

The Oil Purification Plant that keeps on running and running

Back in 1985 the Central Electricity Board of Mauritius purchased a Filterall Cable Oil Purification EC 80-2P model. For 27 years this plant has removed water and gas from electrical oil systems, extending the life of literally millions of litres of oil. You could be forgiven for thinking that this plant had earned its keep several times over, and was ready for retirement. However, such is the reliability of Filterall plant, that it will still operate for years to come. “I answered a [...]

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