When oil in a transformer reaches a stage (due to ageing process) where purification is no longer efficient, the oil must be changed or regenerated. Regeneration is the complete treatment of oil to like new condition.

Whilst Oil Purification will degas and dehydrate oil efficiently, it will not remove contaminations such as acidity, sludge and other decaying products. Regeneration on the other hand will remove all the above contaminants as well as improve colour and oxidisation stability.

Stationary Transformer Oil Regeneration Plant Type “SRP”

The SRP Transformer Oil Regeneration plant has been designed for the complete regeneration of transformer oil on a fixed site basis and treated oil will exceed quality requirement for new Transformer Insulating Oil.

The SRP is available with various capacities and a comprehensive range of optional extras, which are detailed in the technical specification: S210


Mobile Transformer Oil Regeneration Plant Type “MRP”

The Mobile Regeneration plant has been designed specifically for on-site use to completely regenerate insulating oils in energised or de-energised transformers.

Although use of MRP is not a substitute for regular oil purification (degassing, drying and filtration), it does carry out the same functions as well as its main function which is the removal of acidity, sludge, other soluble oil decay products and discolouration while leaving the oil with an excellent oxidisation stability and reduced gassing tendency. Contaminants are also removed from the Transformer Internals. On Site Oil Regeneration is accepted as a factor leading to Extended Transformer Life. Complete MRP is mounted on a leak proof base and can be installed and operated in a semi-trailer, truck or sea freight type container. Computer controlled programme allows continuous oil regeneration in transformers without interrupting power transmission. The MRP is available in a range of capacities with a comprehensive range of optional extras, which are detailed in specification S211. Please view specification S211