Purification involves the removal of solids and other impurities including water, gases and sludge from oils and fuels. Oil purification forms an important part of regular preventative transformer maintenance.

Filterall has been supplying oil purification plants to the electrical generation market for twenty years. Our strength is particularly strong in the area of transformer oil purification. All our purifiers, both mobile and fixed, provide extremely favourable returns on investment for our clients.

Insulating Oil Purification Plant Type “E”

The necessity for regular purification of electrical fluids in electrical apparatus has been recognised for a very long time.

The function of electrical insulating fluids as a coolant and insulator can be seriously affected by moisture and gaseous contaminants. This purification range is designed for processing transformer oil in workshop or in the field, in storage tanks, drums or directly in transformers. Purification of oil in transformers can be carried out off-load or on-load depending upon customers’ preference.

This purifier is available in a range of capacities with a variable range of optional equipment and accessories.


Industrial Oil Purifier Type “I”

Without proper maintenance and with continuous use, any petroleum-based oil will gradually deteriorate. Unless deterioration is prevented, the oil quickly becomes unfit for further service and must be replaced.

Contamination which causes deterioration of oil consists of solid particles, water, products of oil decomposition and entrained air and other gases. Hydraulic and Lubricating oils require to be maintained clean and contamination free if safe, economical efficient equipment operation is expected from equipment. This purifier has been designed to remove solid and liquid contamination by filtration and vacuum dehydration. The purifier is fully automatic and operates safely without supervision. It is available in a range of capacities as a self-contained stationary or mobile unit. Please view specification S122 (Note : paper copy of specification can be made available on request)

oil purifier

Cable Oil Degasifier Purifier Type “EC”

It is vital that cable oil used for filling and pressurisation of underground cables is degassed and dehydrated to critical tolerances.

This purifier is designed to carry out filtration, degasification and dehydration in two stages to ensure satisfactory treatment in a single pass through the unit. Supplied as a complete unit, mounted on a common base (as a stationary or a portable unit) or in a roadworthy weatherproof trailer ready for operation when received in a range of capacities. Please view specification S127 (Note : paper copy of specification can be made available on request)

oil purifier

Coalescer Turbine Oil Purifier Type “CT”

In turbine operation, there are usually factors present that hasten oxidation and cause deterioration of lubrication oil; these are air, heat, moisture, metallic and non-metallic solids that act as a catalyst.

Since there is continuous ingress of contaminants into the turbine oil, the only way to prevent its deterioration is by continuous removal of these contaminants. This purifier is designed for continuous purification of turbine oil by incorporating a three-stage solids/water separator, which requires minimum attention and allows for 24 hours per day operation. The unit is available in a range of capacities and can be designed to satisfy most generator manufacturer’s requirements. Please view specification S124 (Note : paper copy of specification can be made available on request)

Multipurpose Filter Type FDP/FDS

With applications in both the industrial and electrical industries, this unit offers a low priced, compact solution suitable for oil transfer and filtration of low volumes (20 litres/min.) such as transformer/lube system top-up. Available as a stationary or portable unit with a range of filtration elements (inter-changeable) from 0,5 micron to 30 micron. Also available with a water absorbing element which can absorb up to 1,5 litres of water with one element.

(Note : paper copy of specification can be made available on request)

oil purifier