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107, 2022

Filterall see big increase in customer training

During the last 12 months Filterall have seen a big increase in enquiries for training for customers. Engineering manager Donovan Roberts explains "With the increasing cost of operating assets, our clients are being very proactive in getting the best performance out of their Filterall plant. By coming to us for training, they can ensure that their operators are maximising the efficiency of their plant and minimising unnecessary downtime. We have tailored several training sessions for different needs, ranging from university students right through [...]

2307, 2021

Filterall quality confirmed

Filterall confirm that their ISO 9001 QA system was externally audited on 23/7/21. We are pleased to advise that the audit went well and ISO 9001 was maintained with zero non-conformances highlighted.

705, 2021


Filterall,  world class electrical oil filtration specialists, are pleased to launch their new website. Designed by Shane at Cyber-net Services ( the new website is designed specifically with the latest browsers and mobile phones in mind. Filterall IT consultant John walker says; "Filterall has been designing and supplying filters and equipment to the power sector for nearly half a century. Most customer contact is now web-based so a  constantly modernised website is what our clients expect. "

409, 2019

University of Manchester study shows how oil regeneration can extend the life and value of assets

The School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, at The University of Manchester carried out a detailed study involving oil regeneration in transformers (using Filterall equipment and staff.) The study was published earlier this year. It begins; “Managing a large fleet of ageing assets has become a technical challenge faced by many electricity utilities in developed countries. Asset managers are increasingly interested in techniques that can help extend the useful lifetime of a transformer. Oil regeneration is one of such techniques.” The full [...]

1308, 2019


Filterall are pleased to confirm that they have been re-certified, for another 3 years to ISO 9001:2015. Following a recent external audit, zero major improvement requests and zero minor requests were highlighted.

908, 2019

Filterall have upgraded

Filterall are pleased to announce that their upgraded QA system (ISO 9001 2015) recently passed its first external audit with zero non-conformances. This is evidence of Filterall’s continued commitment to all areas of quality and continued improvement.

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