Filterall offers the most complete line of industrial filtration elements available on the market today, covering oil, fuel, water and air applications.

We supply a comprehensive range of high quality replacement filter elements. These are equal to and cross reference to most original brand elements. We are also able to offer new designs, sizes and configurations for use in specialised applications.

Radial Fin Elements

Radial Fin Elements with extended-area, star-shaped elements are developed for the removal of atmospheric dust from the air intake of compressors, blowers and engines.

They are also used for the removal of hard contaminants from hydraulic fluids, lubricating and fuel oils and process fluids. With the versatility of today’s fabric materials, the availability of styles and media finishes coupled with a full range of micron selectivities, an element can be offered for virtually any application.

Metal Elements

“Absolute” rated All-Metal Elements are designed for the removal of hard, coarse particle contaminants from hydraulic, lubricating and cutting oils, and from fuels and solvents.

These elements are made in cylindrical or pleated form with single or multi-layer screens. They come in a large variety of metals, designs and configurations in the 5-250 micron selectivity range, with up to 700 deg F maximum operating temperature and with an 8000 PSIDP collapse pressure rating. These elements are considered cleanable and reusable and can be applied to critical applications and “final” filtration due to their sturdy design and very high differential pressure-safe ratings.

Coalescer/Separator Elements

Coalescer and Separator Elements are designed specifically for the removal of water from light fuels and oils.

These elements are made from a combination of pleated media and fibreglass layers with flow rates up to 120 GPM and water removal down to 5 ppm. Depending on the application, these elements are provided in several grades with filtration efficiencies ranging from 0.5 to 25 micron.

Air/Oil Separator Elements

Air/Oil Separator Elements are designed for the removal of oil mist from the discharge of compressors.

These elements are used to remove oil mist from the discharge of rotary screw and rotary vane style air compressors. They are made with air flow capacities up to 3000 CFM and provide 99.9% efficiency.

Absorption Elements

Absorption Elements are designed to remove water from fuels, solvents and oils, which is emulsified by the presence of surfactants and will not separate in filter/separators.

These elements are capable of removing up to 4 litres of water and reducing water content down to 10 ppm and are available in a full range of sizes to fit existing filter housings. Micron ratings down to 1 micron.

Adsorption Elements

The Fullers Earth Elements are used to adsorb soluble contaminants and Carbon Elements are used for the removal of colour and odour from liquids.

Fullers Earth elements adsorb contaminants such as gums, resins, waxes and acids from fuels, oils and solvents. Carbon elements can be used on potable liquids such as water, vegetable oils and mineral oils. Fullers Earth elements are used in the removal of acids in oil reclamation and surfactants in aviation fuels. Carbon elements are mainly used in the purification of water.

Depth Elements

Depth Elements are Intended for low flows containing soft contaminants, sludges, slims and waxes or large quantities of small particulate present in oils, fuels, water or chemicals.

These Depth elements contain natural or synthetic fibres and blends selected for chemical compatibility. They are available in a wide range of sizes and forms Micron ranges down to 1 micron on these elements, with large dirt holding capacity which makes them suitable for long filtration cycles in “polishing” applications.

Spin-on Elements

Spin-On Elements are disposable elements in a self contained metal housing used for the removal of contaminants from hydraulic and lubricating oils, fuels, water and air.

These elements come in an extensive range covering most types suitable for flows up to 100 GPM with filtration down to 3 micron.

Pleated Media Elements: Liquid

Pleated Media Elements are used for the removal of hard granular contaminants from lubricating oils, hydraulic oils, fuels and water.

These elements have multi-layer laminated micro-glass which assures Beta 75-300 absolute ratings at high flow rates and large dirt holding capacities. A wide variety of models and sizes is available to cover flow rates up to 300 GPM and filtration down to 0,25 micron.

Pleated Media Elements: Air

Pleated Media Air Elements are used as air intake elements for the removal of atmospheric dust on compressors, blowers and engines.

These elements can also be used as compressed air elements for the removal of scale, rust and other contaminants from compressed air lines. An extensive line of compressed air elements is available for flow rates up to 5000 SCM/100 PSIG and filtration down to 0,10 micron.

Wound Elements

Wound Elements are used for the filtration of liquids and gases containing small particulate or soft contaminants in the industrial, chemical and process industries.

These elements are constructed with pure materials with no binders or cements which makes them well suited for food processes, pharmaceutical and FDA applications

Filtration Bags

Filtration Bags were developed as an inexpensive element with large filtration area for the removal of hard, granular contaminants such as dust and scale from lubricating oils.

These filtration bags are made from blend of fibres. Flat and round filtration bags are available with high solids capacity and efficient retention of solids in the bag for easy disposal.