It is suggested the transformer be de-energized for a short period while you make your connections and establish good oil flow between the Purifier and the Transformer.

It is also recommended that the oil within the Conservator be processed first so to ensure any water or contaminants which may be sitting in the bottom of the conservator are removed rather than “flushed” into the transformer tank. (*This can only be done if 2 connections exist on the conservator).

Ensure that the Purifier is properly earthed to the Transformer! After de-energizing, process the oil in the conservator (*if able) and then follow the below steps for correct connections.

  1. Connect the Transformer Outlet Pipe to the bottom of the transformer.
  2. Connect a hose from V1 plant inlet to the Transformer Outlet Pipe.
  3. Connect the Transformer Inlet Pipe to the conservator or tank top valve on the transformer.
  4. Connect a hose from V2 plant outlet to the Transformer Inlet Pipe.
  5. Open valve Transformer Oulet Valve & V11 (Air will be vented via Purge Valve & processing plant)
  6. Open valve on Conservator / Top Valve (Air will be vented via Purge Valve against Check Valve)
  7. Start Purification Plant according to proceedure as detailed with Operation Manual & process for a short time so to establish “steady” flow.
  8. Once good flow established, reduce flow & switch on Transformer; then increase flow to required rate.

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