Back in 1985 the Central Electricity Board of Mauritius purchased a Filterall Cable Oil Purification EC 80-2P model. For 27 years this plant has removed water and gas from electrical oil systems, extending the life of literally millions of litres of oil. You could be forgiven for thinking that this plant had earned its keep several times over, and was ready for retirement. However, such is the reliability of Filterall plant, that it will still operate for years to come. “I answered a call from a Mr Jootun” explains Charles in Filterall’s office in Stockport. “He explained that his business, the Central Electricity Board of Mauritius, had a Filterall EC 80-2P Oil Purifier.

It had been operating since the 1980’s. He was looking for a quotation to give the plant a ‘full overhaul.’ We were happy to help.” Charles goes on to say “ It’s normal for our clients to come back to us for their spare part requirements. Many of our customers have been buying from Filterall for decades.”

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