In 2002 Filterall introduced its REGENERATION PLANT ATTACHMENT (RPA) product range. This plant was specifically developed to work in conjunction with existing purifiers. Filterall Director Trevor Bowler explains, “many clients operating purification plant, have realised that they could enhance their service capability significantly, by adding the facility to regenerate transformer oil. We have found that most makes of purification plant (not just the Filterall range) can be adapted to operate in conjunction with our RPA units.”

Purification is perfectly successful in extending the life of transformer oil, to the point where contaminants other than gas and water are severely degrading the oil. Trevor continues “At this point the conventional ‘solution’ is to dispose of the old oil (with all the environmental, logistical and cost considerations involved) and replace it with new transformer oil (presenting not only financial challenges, but also operational concerns.) Our RPA units, in conjunction with existing purification plant can remove these other contaminants such as sludge and acid, and thus make huge savings. It is no coincidence that as the price of new oil, and the cost of disposal of old oil , have risen, so has the interest in our RPA plant.”

Part of Filterall’s way of doing business is to work closely with clients before and after plant delivery. By building these long-term relationships, Filterall frequently supports its clients in adapting their plant as requirements change. For example “we recently carried out PLC and Control up-grades on a 16 yr old Filterall Purifier in order to accommodate un-manned operation, remote monitoring & energised processing. We listen to our clients and we understand that one size does not fit all.” explains Trevor Bowler.

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