In these times of globalisation, it comes as no surprise to find a global brand such as MacDonalds or Starbucks, on every high street. Similarly immediate communications across the planet, with the internet and mobile phones, are taken for granted. Globalisation is certainly nothing new for Filterall.
This year Filterall delivered a shiny new E-3000 Purifier plant to Qatar. Incredibly this was the 100th different country where the Filterall group has plant.

Director Chris Aylward explains , “even in the 1970’s when a global strategy was unusual and impractical for many companies, Filterall was receiving enquiries from all corners of the planet. Since the first units were designed and produced in 1970, our customers have been purifying and regenerating transformer oil. From Norway to South Africa, from USA to Australia, and most places in between!”

When purchasing critical plant for a sensitive industry such as the Power sector, it is understandable that buyers are looking for the reassurance that their suppliers are, long established, with a proven track record.

Chris continues “our plant has been designed and developed for nearly half a century. We have clients who are still running units we sold to them quarter of a century ago ! The procurement of capital equipment is a major investment. We are happy to confirm that clients all over the world, who need quality plant, great after-sales service, and equipment made to last, keep choosing Filterall .”

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